Rick Coffee, the current President and Owner of R. Coffee Ltd., began his career in the men's industry at S.H. Franklin in Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. After working there for 18 years, S. H. Franklin shut down. In 1986, Rick opened the now famous R. Coffee Ltd. in the Boonsboro Shopping Center and it has been there ever since. Rick wanted to provide the people of Lynchburg and around the world with fine clothing and customer service that is unmatched in comparison to any other store in the state. Seeing as how Rick was born and raised in Lynchburg, there is no where else that he would rather be. He has three children, Bryce, John and Charlie. All three of his children have beautiful wives and two of his children have given him what he describes his greatest blessing, grandchildren. As many people know, Rick has always loved dogs. However, he best friend and "secretly" his business partner Emmy, a Yorkie, is his most valuable asset.

James Bower, aka Jimmy, is the current Sales and Marketing Manager at R. Coffee Ltd. He is a graduate of Liberty University and has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Business Administration. James is from a small town in Virginia called Richlands. According to him, he was completely blessed to have grown up in such a loving small town. However, he is blessed for the opportunities now given to him. In 2013, James joined the R. Coffee Ltd team after pestering Rick Coffee for months about giving him a chance. Rick finally allowed him to come to work as holiday help and the rest is history. As the store has continued to grow, this duo of Rick and James has completely changed both of their lives and the future seems brighter than ever. As James would say, "You have to come into the store to fully grasp what R. Coffee Ltd. is all about.